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Why one must learns abacus while calculators and computers are available for computing numbers in the World today?
Although calculators and computers have replaced human brain in computing numbers] learning abacus is a must for every child because it is instrumental in developing whole brain and lifetime skills. Using abacus requires co-ordination of the main nerves of the human body such as sight, sound and finger movement which will induce growth of brain cells. The mind undergoes three main stages of development namely physical contact logical explanation and visualisation throughout the process and the abacus acts as a medium that connects the three stages. More than 80% of the world population are right-handed people normally having more developed left brain with less developed right brain. While the creativity side of the right brain is more that a thousand times than that of the left brain. Learning abacus will stimulate the development of the right at n early age.

Why is Mental Arithmetic important?

  • Arithmetic is remarkably important for helping young children build up a solid academic foundation. Teachers who work with young children know that it is not easy to introduce the concept of numbers and their values. For young children to comprehend the concepts of mathematic s when presented only in the abstract form will take a long process. Abstract means using nothing but brain power to solve problems. It is difficult for children to comprehend numeric relationships without using concrete objects such as abacus beads to relate numeric values.
  • Learning hoe to compute numbers mentally is equally important, as it will effectively tap the unexploited parts of the brain and therefore promotes the overall intelligence. The practice of mental arithmetic will sharpen the imaginative and memory power. According to a scientific research, child who lacks good mental formation can experience a sharp decline in mental abilities even as early as the age of 20. On the other hand, a child who receives this formation by the age of 12 will continue to remain brilliant even up to the age of 70.

What is the difference for Abacus teaching between then and now?
First, conventional Abacus lessons used only single hand teaching. As a, result, only the left hemisphere of the brain is stimulated and right half of the brain is ignored. Also, most of conventional abacus lessons used 2/5 Abacus (2 beads on top and 5 beads at the bottom) and Flying Color's uses Abacus (1 bead on top and 4 beads at the bottom) in the training process.

What are the advantages of learning Flying Color's abacus mental arithmetic?

  • Improve the accuracy and the speed o computing skill or logical reasoning.
  • Promote longer concentration span.
  • Build stronger memory power.
  • Enhance imaging skills or photographic memory.
  • Create higher learning capability and self-esteem.
  • Increase the level and speed of understanding (comprehension)..
  • Sharpen sound judgement/hearing skill.
  • Enjoy the fun of learning and reduce stress
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