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1. How does learning Abacus help in school mathematics?
For a child to do well in Mathematics, he need to develop his abilities in calculation. Learning Abacus-Mental Arithmetic can quickly enhance his competency in calculation. It has been studied that the effect of Abacus Mental Arithmetic education on the children’s academic performance in areas of mathematics abilities and comprehensibility and report the startling discoveries:

  • Children who have undergone mental arithmetic classes achieved far better results than other students (who have not taken part in such trainings) in the following:

    Comprehensibility, mathematics abilities (including recognizing and understanding mathematical concepts, calculating abilities, mathematical problem solving skills), mathematical performance and IQ results.

  • Students who have had one to two years of training in mental arithmetic are found to possess a better grasp of mathematical concepts, calculation and are more efficient in solving mathematical problems than those who have less than one year's training. Students with more than two year's training show even better results. Thus this indicates that the longer and the deeper a child is exposed to such training the better will be his mathematical abilities.

2. What's the best time for a child to start learning?

  • The best period to start our course is when a child starts writing numbers 0 to 9 starting age 5 from primary one or two have the best learning and absorbing brain power (with reference to The Stages of Development of the Brain), it is the best time for nurturing the brain's abilities and a critical stage when a child can star to grasp mathematical concepts.
  • Mental Arithmetic provides the fundamental training in mathematical and calculation concepts. It is also this stage where the child's school work is lighter, parents should seize this opportunity to encourage the child to attend this program. This will in turn build a stronger foundation for their future education endeavours.

The Stages of Development of the Brain:

  • 3 years old: The brain has expected 60% growth; therefore a child has the strongest absorbing power.
  • 3 to 6 years old: The brain has grown a further 20%. The learning and absorbing power is not as strong as in a 3-year old. However, the child will obtain astonishing results if he is provided with more foundations.
  • 6 to 8 years old: The brain has grown a further 10%, the child must put in tremendous effort if he starts learning at this age.
  • After 8 years: If a child starts learning at this age, it is rather difficult for the child achieve good result, he has to work harder with more disciplined.

3. How can Flying Color's help to increase a child's intelligence?
Flying Color’s is designed to improve not only on a child’s calculating ability and his/her understanding of arithmetic, but also to increase the memory power and creativity, the concentration level and the listening skill, as well as the ability to analyse problem. On top of loving math for lifelong success, our ultimate goal is to build the child’s confidence level in their school work and life.
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