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What We Look For
If You
  • Have strong desire to influence the lives of others, providing them the best quality mental arithmetic education..
  • Are willing to follow and share the Flying Color's vision and teaching philosophy with others. .
  • Have the capacity to manage a centre effectively under Flying Color's corporate support..
  • Have the ability to motivate others under Flying Color's corporate support.
Authorised centres will benefit ON-GOING SUPPORT....

Authorised Centre will have access to a proven and international business model with continuous guidance to solve the day-to-day problems and ideas for upgrade of infrastructure. You can contact our Flying Color's support staff to assist you with day-to-day operating matters.

In most cases, you will benefit from reduced prices due to our network buying capabilities. These savings help you to optimise your margins.

Flying Color’s Authorised Centre receives the tools they need to run their centres - our customised books, curriculum plans, lesson plans, important notices, support materials for functions, shared learning from other branches are just some of the materials that are constantly provided to all our Authorised Centres.


Strength of an internationally recognised leading brand. We continually research and develop the programme. Also, review and evaluate opportunities for new idea enhancement of existing services.
We provide Free Demonstration facility to all our Authorised Centre time to time as business development activity.


All our Authorised Centres have access to professionally prepared advertising, promotional and marketing materials. Materials include designs for brochures, newspaper advertisements, direct mailing advertising, public relations materials, leaflets, banners, etc. are in line with Flying Color's dynamic image. The materials produced over the last 3 years are geared to produce results and give our Authorised Centres a competitive edge above the rest.


We provide extensive training in the fine art of teaching and operating a Flying Color's Authorised Centre. New Flying Color's Authorised Centre owners will go through an intensive and focused training that will acclimatise them to the system of teaching and operating the Flying Color's way. The training will cover all aspects of operations including the business, educational and cultural aspects which ensure that the new Flying Color's Authorised Centre owner is made a member of Flying Color's family before he takes up his new venture. The training takes place at Flying Color's corporate office.

Flying Color's offers a unique, tested and trusted programme of over 3 years.

  • With our support, have the easiest learning curve
  • Can contribute to the macro economics of our country.
For business opportunities to become an Authorised Centre or Teacher's Training, please contact us. Next Certified Trainer Course commencing on the 19th and 20th September 2009 ( Sat and Sun), to enjoy early registration discount, kindly contact and register now.
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