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Business Opportunity

Parents worldwide are looking frantically to find a credible method that would make their children winners in their own right intellectually and adequately to meet the needs of tomorrow. Consequently, supplementary education has become one of the most lucrative business sectors today and Flying Color's identified this for you. Flying Color's offers a unique, proven and trusted programme.

Our Business Principles

The 4 business principles consist of:
  • Enhancing skill constantly.
  • Emphasising teachers' training.
  • Providing quality service.
  • Providing perfect facilities.
Flying Color’s has a complete support system in place to assist our authorised centres in conducting the mental arithmetic programme. We have a team of professional staff experienced in marketing, education, technology, finance and administrations. They form a reliable support system that provides invaluable customer care service.
Flying Color’s also works closely with authorised centres in helping them to establish their centre in the most advantageous location and to share with them systems to run them productively, efficiently and effectively. We continue to maintain the standard of Mental Arithmetic Both-Hand Abacus System teaching worldwide.
We allow interested entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish and operate as our Authorised Centre with a minimal initial investment.

Highlights of Unit Franchise Offer....

Starting a business in education is nothing but contributing your bit to build our nation. Where there is education there is health & wealth. Abacus education venture, under franchising terms, is financially and professionally rewarding. Flying Color’s Abacus Program is one of the best abacus & mental arithmetic learning programs you could ever find and with US on your side, your potential for growth and income is unlimited.
  • Classes for the age group of 5 years to 13 years
  • Professional Syllabi for Abacus Learning
  • Small and affordable investment.
  • Remarkable return-on-investment within a short period.
  • Integrity and transparency in processes and policies.
  • Flexible time and low time input.
  • Break-even from very first month.
  • Quality Teacher Training.
  • Excellent Marketing Support.
  • Applied for ISO 9001:2000 certification.
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